A Short History

The Elves are an ancient race, and follow the older Christian religion. The Ardons adopted the monotheism of the Elves, but reject the notion that their deity ever appeared in human form, as told in the ancient elven histories of more than 10,000 years ago.

About 5500 years ago, the Patriach left Archeon and arrived in Arden. He was befriend by the Elves and lived among them for a time. But when the Patriach said that Adonai, the one G-d, had spoken to him, the Elves were greatly disturbed. The Patriach claimed that Adonai had chosen his decendents to set an example, and he had been given a set of laws for His people. After this revealation, the Patriarch left the Elves in the far west and settled on the western bank of the Arden River. Ever since, the Ardons have “religiously” followed these rules that the Patriarch set forth. Though they were simplified for the common people by Moesha, when the people lived in the wilderness.

By 2500 years ago, Ardons had divided into 13 tribes, each tribe being descendant from a child of the Patriarch. Disputes between the tribes were common and often the Ardons were their own worst enemy.

A severe drought occurred around 1900 years ago and the Arden River ceased to flow. (In fact the Archeons were also facing the same drought and had damned the river to provide a resevoir.) The Ardons, en mass, quit the west bank of the Arden river crossing the dried riverbed and began to move eastward. Eventually they came into the Thorien lands.

At first, the two peoples got along as the Thoriens were more interested in the mystical nature of the universe and were glad to have a people to provide them with basic needs. The Ardons enjoyed the artistic nature of their Thorien neighbors.

As family size of the Thoriens tended to be rather small and Ardons always had large families, the Thoriens quickly became a minority in their own land. After 100 years of peaceful coexistence, the Thoriens began to use mystic arts to help control the growing Ardon people. They invented powerful charms and illusions to help ensnare the simple Ardens. Within 300 years the Ardons had been enslaved by the Thoriens.

Around 1500 years ago, a young Ardon was adopted by a prince of the Thoriens. Moesha learned the mystic arts from his adopted father. As a child he was fascinated by the wonders of magick. As a man, he learned a bitter truth. Using Magicks causes a person to age rapidly (Each fatigue point used for a spell costs the Mage a day of life.) The Thoriens were forcing Ardons of small magical powers to spend their short lives enchanting objects for the Thoriens to use.

Secretly, Moesha began to organize the Ardons in these Magick “factories.” Though much of their energy (and life) was still given to making Magick devices for their masters, the Ardons began to fashion the “Great Spell.” This spell was a spell of great illusion, and it was designed to hide the Ardons people from their Thorien masters. One day, the Ardons simply vanished from Thorien.

Moesha, fearing that the Thoriens would be looking for the Ardons to return to their homeland, lead his people through the jungles in the North, eventually arriving at the Great Desert. For forty years, the Ardons lived in the wilderness. But as Moesha’s health began to fail, so did the “Great Spell.” Moesha decided to return to Ardon and seek the help of the Elves.

The trek back through the jungle took it’s toll on the ailing Moesha, and the Great Spell failed. By the time, Ardons reached the Arden River, the Thoriens were in pursuit. Using the last of his strength, Moesha caused the waters of the Arden River to part, and the Ardons crossed to the West Bank. The Thoriens followed the Ardens, but while they were in the middle of the riverbed a flash flood occurred, (Actually the 500 year old Archeon dam had burst several days earlier due to heavy rains.) and the Thoriens were destroyed.

A little over a thousand years ago, the Thorien Mage Princes made war against the Ardons, hoping to enslave them once more. The Ardons were deceived by their own king, Haman . Haman was very power hungry and had planned to take an Elven sorceress as his bride. The Thoriens fearing an alliance between the Ardons and the Elves, seduced Haman with the promise of immortal life. Besides betraying his own people, Haman betrayed the Elves as well. He not only gave the Thoriens information about the defenses of Arden, but also gave them insights into the fundamentals of Elven magic.

Ardon and the Elves were spared by the Grace of Adonai. Just before the Thoriens and their allies crossed the River Arden, a force came from the Northern Desert to oppose the Thoriens. Some say that this force was made of a Saurian race, who had once been slaves under the Thoriens. Others say that it was the desert people, the Z’Kat, the one Ardon trbe that remained in the wilderness. Or both.

No one will ever know for sure, as this force was wiped out by the Thoriens. At a high price, time had been gained. By the time the Thoriens regrouped from their battle with the northern forces, the Elves had been able to restored their magical capabilities. In addition, a large army from Archeon had been enlisted, though the cost of this aid is still being paid in terms of Ardon independence. Eventually the Ardons, Elves, and Archeons prevailed, and pursued the Thoriens back to their capital. The city was razed, with no stone left standing upon another. Unfortunately the large monuments around the capital were left untouched. Ever since the Thorien princes were destroyed over a thousand years ago, little has been heard from the Thorien lands. It is assumed Thorien is deserted.

Even so, the tales of oppression and suffering at the hands of the Thoriens is a “living” memory in the minds of ever Ardon. The story of Moesha is told each year at Pesach and the deeds of Haman reviled at Purim. “Nothing good comes from the far side of the river.” Except for occasional forays across the river to drive back unsavories that occasional cross to the West Bank, Ardons are content not to think much about what lies to the East.


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